Call Me A Skeptic

Parenthood breeds skepticism by Kim Bongiorno

I was skeptical when I heard that today is International Skeptics Day. Isn’t EVERY day International Skeptics Day for parents? I mean, I spend most of my day saying things like this: Really, you weren’t the one who wrote on the wall? You, with the ink-covered hands? Are you sure you flushed the toilet? That gum in [...]

Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears a Story About Siblings by Kim Bongiorno

Siblings annoy the crap out of one another. That’s just how they roll. But sometimes they do it more than usual, and as a parent you start to wonder why your two favorite little people are so different from one another. Why they can’t just be each other’s automatic best friend. Our home has been [...]

The Thing About Loss

The Thing About Loss by Kim Bongiorno

I find I have a much harder time dealing with a loved one’s loss than a loss of my own. When the loss is mine, I can own it, mourn it, weep, recover. When the loss—or greater loss—is that of someone I love, I can barely breathe due to the crushing longing to swallow her [...]