How to Get Your Kids to Bed

How to get your kids to bed by Kim Bongiorno letmestart

1. Begin The Countdown to Bedtime warnings at 15 minute intervals at least 2 hours before you actually want them in bed. 2. Tell them10x each to use the toilet, wash their hands and faces, brush teeth, get PJs on. 3. Threaten to cancel/throw away something—anything—fun if they don’t get in the bathroom RIGHT NOW [...]

Reasons Why Your Kids Aren’t Ready for Back-to-School

Kids Are Not Ready for Back to School by Kim Bongiorno

All across the country kids can be seen slowly, grumpily trudging through stores as their parents dance in the aisles just ahead of them, merrily tossing shiny new back-to-school supplies and clothes into shopping carts. There’s no fighting the flipping of the calendar, but these cranky kids aren’t quite ready to go back to school–and they also aren’t [...]