House Rules: The Complete List (so far)

To my befuddlement, lots of people come here looking for House Rules ideas in order to keep their kids in line.

(clearly, these people are not regular readers of the chaos which is my home life)

Early last year, I shared the House Rules for kids we keep hung in our kitchen.

Let’s just say that since then?  The list has grown – ahem – a bit.

The response to a photo I shared earlier today of House Rules #34-39 included quite a few people asking to see what was hidden between #18 & 34.

Ask?  And ye shall receive.

Yes, there is a story behind each of these rules. Some I came up with, others the kids did, and the rest were a team effort.

Which is why this list most likely makes our home one of your Top Ten Homes You’d Least Likely Visit Without Wearing SWAT Team Gear.

Lest you think I made this up, please check out this piece of proof:

An unedited photo I just took of the crayon-scribbled list hanging in my kitchen, as I sit here at the kitchen table next to my kid who is getting a little too close to the wall with her markers.

Or you could just ask one of my friends, who like to check to see what’s been added to the list since their last visit. Because something’s always being added.

Read, enjoy, ask anything you want. You know you’re curious.

So. What’s your favorite rule from the list?
Do you have any House Rules we should consider adding? 


The complete list of house rules for kids to hang in your kitchen.

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  1. holly aka momma of 4 6 & under says

    Pooping is NOT a group event

    Keep your boogers to yourself & preferably in your nose or tissue

    Your head is not just for decoration, use it!

    No ‘screeeeeching’ we are not caradactles

    You can’t go back in, stay out from between my legs!

  2. Amy Glennon says

    We’ve recently added “No Buying Turtles Online.” The kids are 15, 13, 7, and 5, and were left alone while I went to buy milk.

  3. suki says

    WAAAAAY to many rules, “no this no that , no no no NO NO!” yikes. Let them breathe. Let them think for themselves, or is that one of your rules too??? “NO Thinking unless I tell you what to think” HAHA.

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