The Perfect Christmas Card

How to Take a Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Last year my holiday cards were a BIG hit. The general consensus was that the photo of my son and daughter holding hands as they strolled across our front lawn was “priceless.” In case you want to achieve the same level of magic in your own Christmas cards, here’s how to make it happen…CLICK HERE [...]

Underwear is Confusing

The best underwear for you by Kim Bongiorno on @Inthepowderroom

Underwear is confusing. The first ten years of our lives are lived in envy-inducing Underoos or cotton briefs with cartoon characters on them, and the next eight pulling on whatever styles our moms pick up for us. Then we’re on our own, so we spend the next sixty years trying to find the most flattering style for [...]

I Was a Tweenage Model (Kind of)

Click Image to read "I Wanna Be On Top"

ALTERNATE TITLE: How to Re-Hash Broken Childhood Dreams and Pour Salt into Your Own (Aging) Wounds I peaked stupidly early. I was about 12 years old when a model scout approached me in a shopping mall.  Yes, that moment sparked a no-joke important change I needed more than I ever articulated to my friends, but it [...]