She’s Her Own Spotlight

Nicole Kramer on Wendy Nielsen

Let’s say you’re at a party, and a real asshole corners your friend. What do you do? You cross that room, look him in the eyes, and say, “Hey, asshole, get OUTTA here.” You put yourself between your friend and the asshole, and after every bad thing he says you remind her, “He’s a big […]

Standing Up for Courtney

Courtney stands up to cancer

It creeps in quietly, sneaking and slipping itself into gentle dips and folds, greedily feeding itself without a sound. It is a hated beast, one that strikes fear in some, loathing in others. Most of us have been touched by its many tricky hands. Our mothers, friends, neighbors. Our children. Our partners. Our spouses. Ourselves. […]

The Only Option

I don’t know what to say. I have deadlines to meet, ideas to pan out, people waiting, expectations. Yet, nothing happens. When the gorgeous girl with the contagious laugh and permanently twinkling eyes, the one who walked into your house, into your life, and so casually made herself an unofficial sister gives you the bad […]

Lessons from Loss

Lessons from loss by Kim Bongiorno

I was tricked by a smile. I was fooled by optimistic words. I let myself be wooed by a familiar laugh. Which makes the loss so much more confusing. I found out she died by the CallerID of a mutual friend.  I hadn’t chatted with my friend on the phone in a while, and when […]

Toasting My Boobs

I hope someday we can all eat bagels after our Mammograms

I don’t think about my boobs much. Unless I’m rolling them up from their natural Worn Gym Sock state and strategically forming each of them back into something that Resembles a Boob in one of my expensive bras that give the illusion of perkiness. Or when they are grabbed by my kids in an attempt […]


Exhale by Kim Bongiorno

I knew it when I opened my bedroom door that morning. The air was thick.  Like inhaling anger. I tied my robe a bit tighter at the waist, and went to the kitchen. My brother cast me a look from the table.  He’s still here, it said. But my appointment’s today.  Is it still on? […]


I like stuff. I have been told many times that I am easy to shop for.  If you can’t figure out what kind of gift I would like to receive after knowing me for more than a week and seeing my home at least once, you’re clearly an idiot. What also makes shopping for me […]

She’s Got My Back

The family history went from One Expected Diagnosis to What The Hell Is Going On? in a matter of months. The medical records went from No Need To Look to We Should Probably Look Everywhere in a matter of months. The doctors are searching me all over just to be sure.  Ultrasounds, x-rays, blood samples, […]