Underwear is Confusing

The best underwear for you by Kim Bongiorno on @Inthepowderroom

Underwear is confusing. The first ten years of our lives are lived in envy-inducing Underoos or cotton briefs with cartoon characters on them, and the next eight pulling on whatever styles our moms pick up for us. Then we’re on our own, so we spend the next sixty years trying to find the most flattering style for […]

Dressing Room Mirror Bitch Slap

Kim Bongiorno Dressing room mirror bitch slap

Recently a friend called me, and instead of the usual “What UP girl?” I heard a sequence of squealing that surrounded the phrase “stupid asshole dressing room mirror bastards!” Among her F-Bombs and weeping was the name of a local department store, whose dressing rooms I am unfortunately quite familiar with. It seems my friend went in to […]

8 Non-Chocolate Gifts I Want for Valentine’s Day


So, we all know that Valentine’s Day is coming soon.  Most of you will be receiving (or buying yourself) heavy boxes full of mouth-watering chocolatey confections. Which I am allergic to. Godiva Truffles, pyramids of golden-foiled Ferrero Rochers, fist-sized peanut butter cups from boutique chocolatiers, luscious strawberries dipped and dried in dark chocolate tuxedoes. The […]