Reasons Why Your Kids Aren’t Ready for Back-to-School

Kids Are Not Ready for Back to School by Kim Bongiorno

All across the country kids can be seen slowly, grumpily trudging through stores as their parents dance in the aisles just ahead of them, merrily tossing shiny new back-to-school supplies and clothes into shopping carts. There’s no fighting the flipping of the calendar, but these cranky kids aren’t quite ready to go back to school–and they also aren’t [...]

Diagnosing a Kid Tummy Ache

What is this tummy ache by Kim Bongiorno @letmestart #kids

It’s the call every parent dreads: “Please come get your child. He/she is complaining of a stomach ache.” The thing is, every parent also knows that the sliding scale from seriousness to total bullshit is pretty vast when it comes to childhood claims of tummy troubles. I find there are usually only four diagnoses when my [...]

A Letter to Another Mother

letter to another mother by @LetMeStart

After my 5yo’s teacher called me this morning, I had to write an email to a mom at my kids’ school today.  Something happened between our kids, and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I wasn’t sure what to say, exactly. I didn’t know if I’d express myself as I wanted to. But I knew [...]

It’s Back-to-School Time!

I know I’m not the only one who usually doesn’t look in her kids’ school bag until between 11pm Sunday night – 7am Monday morning, only to find that they had homework that involves glue & paint, need to bring in an Albino Dwarf turtle for Show & Tell, or I was supposed to bake [...]