A Cup of Patience and Pee

The miracle of Life is beautiful. I was decidedly not.

Earlier this week I was sipping my latte, checking Facebook on my phone, and shushing my two kids who audibly moan while eating petite vanilla scones,  when an 8-months-pregnant vision walked in with her mom and son. The contrast between her loveliness at that stage of pregnancy and what I experienced was…shocking. Other than being […]

A Birthday Giveaway Winner!

(My lovely assistant did the honors of blindly selecting the comment number)

Because I like to celebrate my birthday for weeks and weeks, back in December I announced that I was doing a Birthday Book & Bag Giveaway. The winner would receive a copy of the hilarious & touching: Ketchup is a Vegetable, by Robin O’Bryant. …and the “Too much Whine. Not enough Wine.” tote bag from my store. Each entry […]

It’s Almost My Birthday. Who Wants A Present?

Yes, I know my photo isn't that great. But having a free bag big enough to take to the store and stock up on wine?  Very great.

My house is a biohazardous godforsaken mess of glitter, pine needles, bits of wrapping-papered tape, heaps of dirty laundry, crumpled electronic toy instruction manuals, sticky floors and the crumbs of a thousand relatives, everywhere. Even more than usual. Which can only mean two things: 1. Christmas is over. 2. It’s almost my birthday! I decided […]