Emojis for Parents

Emojis for Parents featured

Recently, a massive new batch of emojis was released on the social media world, but I can’t really find much emotive use for an acorn, eggplant, or cat face with hearts over its eyes. I pretty much never use anything more than a wink or the steaming pile of poop in daily correspondence. I’m guessing these [...]

Guess How Much I Love You

Guess how much I love you by Kim bongiorno

I adore kid art so much it hurts. Not too long ago, a reader sent along the following photo of her daughter’s carefully hand-crafted book for me to see: Sure, the line, “Guess how much I love you–I love you all the way up to the moon” is familiarly innocent enough…but what exactly are those bunnies [...]

Overheard at the Dentist Office

Overheard at my kids dentist appointments by Kim Bongiorno

I’m pretty sure the thing my kids will spend most of their time discussing with future therapists is my insistence on taking them to the dentist. It takes that REALLY HIGH PITCHED VOICE OF NICENESS AND POSITIVITY to get them through even a 20-minute routine cleaning visit–and at least one bribe each. But at least [...]

Summer Road Trips with Goats

Kim Bongiorno and a Goat

There are a surprising number of photos of me with goats as a child. My family never flew anywhere on vacation. We drove.  Everyone piled into the VW Rabbit or, later, the station wagon with the peeling wood sticker on the side, and my father drove us on “the scenic route” (read: more trees) to [...]

Modesty and the Old Fogey

Modesty by Kim Bongiorno

I…I just don’t get it. I’m almost speechless. I SAID “ALMOST.” Is anyone modest with their physicality anymore? Does anyone say “No” anymore when asked to do unclothed or ridiculous things in a public forum? Does anyone see the value of not being publicly naked or not doing anything it takes to get on TV [...]