A Few More House Rules

More House rules for kids by Kim Bongiorno LetMeStartBySaying

Many of you know I run a strict household. By that I mean I had to hang up a list of House Rules for kids a couple years ago to remind my offspring to not glue things directly to the walls, light people on fire (either pretend or for real), or play with knives. We worked on that […]

Table Manners for Kids

New #manners for kids by @LetMeStart on @InThePowderRoom #etiquette

While I was growing up, my parents were sticklers about etiquette. Each night at dinner, my brothers and I would be under full scrutiny to ensure our table manners were top notch as we passed bread, cut meat, and excused ourselves when it was all over. Now, I’m not saying I’m the most lax parent […]

House Rules

Anything written in crayon is obviously very official.

It seems I need to explain this Facebook post/Tweet a little more.  So here you go…. Do you have House Rules? Do you post them somewhere in your home? We used to just have house rules in concept, but I had to remind the kids of them each of the 400x a day they’d break a rule. […]