The Pig Story

The Pig Story by Kim Bongiorno and her 6yo Daughters Wild Imagination

My daughter is in first grade. Every week the kids have to write 7 sentences, using their vocabulary words. Today she decided to make a story with her sentences. What we do is she tells me the sentence, I write it down–everything spelled correctly–and she copies it down on the assigned paper, underlining the vocabulary […]

Mom Translations

For those of you who could relate to Allow Me to Translate, which lists some Mom/Kid communication clarifications such as… “If I am ignoring you?  I am trying not to yell at you.” …then I think you’ll enjoy Mom Translations. Click the image below to read more, then tell me:  What are some of your Mom Translations? […]

The Sweet, Sugary Taste of Freedom


I’m so done having kids that my barely-working ovaries wrapped their meager belongings in handkerchiefs and hung them on sticks ages ago, waiting for the first opportunity to skip town.   If only my uterus would remove the padlock and my cervix could stop blocking things with the electronic invisible doggie fence it somehow got […]