Spreading the Love

20 ways to show your kids you love them by Stephanie Young @HealthyMomSteph

Today I have a little surprise for a friend. Want to help me make her day and yours a little better? Then keep reading. My friend Stephanie Young is someone you should know. She’s the kind of blogger that people tell their friends to read in the quiet moments. She is sweet, smart, insightful, funny, […]

The Only Option

I don’t know what to say. I have deadlines to meet, ideas to pan out, people waiting, expectations. Yet, nothing happens. When the gorgeous girl with the contagious laugh and permanently twinkling eyes, the one who walked into your house, into your life, and so casually made herself an unofficial sister gives you the bad […]

Playdates from Hell

Kim Bongiorno Playdates from Hell

I took a deep breath, curled my long arms around my infant girl and toddler boy and dove headfirst into the suburbs. The three of us needed friends. Badly. I found an online community of others like me – parents who needed local playmates, friends, a social life manageable enough to retain while drowning in […]

The Whisper of Friendship

Some of the wonderful women who I'll always stand behind.

Leaving Reece’s Pieces on the doorstep on my birthday. Treating to three glasses of red and a hilarious movie after Mom’s diagnosis. Wrapping your sweater around my waist because my pants split. Swooping my kids away with a smile when I have an appointment. Messaging laugh-out-loud texts on a bad day. Helping me sew dolls […]

Maybe I Should


I have no idea who in their right mind let me and my 3 girlfriends watch Stand By Me.  It came out when we were only 10 years old, and was rated R. But I loved it. Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern. Friends despite the odds, the times.  They had an adventure like none other I […]

A Small Consolation

A clattering ring over my head sucked me from a dream. Reflexively I slapped my arm up into the headboard, palming the handset and lifting before the noise filled my bedroom again. A scared voice, nervous. Asking for help. I exhaled and got the details. He rolled through them sparingly, not saying the obvious.  He […]

How Not to Make New Friends


I used to think that my friends cherished me so much, that they couldn’t help but keep me all to themselves.  I have heard about their old friends, neighbors, playgroup pals, but I have yet to meet many of these elusive ladies. I’m starting to think that they have just been protecting their sweeter friends […]

Without a Touch

An invisible gang of boys followed in my wake. Their piercings and Manic Panic hair were unseen to me. I didn’t hear their bawdy skater mouths and the jingle of the thick silver chains clipping their wallets to their baggy jeans as they encircled me. But they ruined any chance of me having a love […]

All Aboard

More than just any old easel.

I sit alone in a room that smells of paper and lavender. I thumb through pages slashed with red, typing furiously at the edge of a tiny wooden chair. A faint grin presses my lips when I grab the fat Post It pad and move my pen across the pale blue lines. A sharp tear […]