A Birthday Giveaway Winner!

(My lovely assistant did the honors of blindly selecting the comment number)

Because I like to celebrate my birthday for weeks and weeks, back in December I announced that I was doing a Birthday Book & Bag Giveaway. The winner would receive a copy of the hilarious & touching: Ketchup is a Vegetable, by Robin O’Bryant. …and the “Too much Whine. Not enough Wine.” tote bag from my store. Each entry [...]

My Boy


It is blurry and you can’t even see our faces, but this (rare) photo of me and Mr T is a perfect example of our relationship.  I grin each time I see it: He brings out the silly in me, makes me laugh and pick him up and wrestle and play games. He is a [...]

Bunny Ugly

"Oh Maaaa-aaax..we better run like Hell in this direction.  I think Kim is on a rampage again."

Miss A is turning 4 years old soon. And I’m kinda fine with the fact that she doesn’t have a baby book. Because what would I write in it? That at age 4 her talents were: – farting on demand – manipulating people into doing her bidding – talking faster than The Disclaimer Dude at [...]