A Birthday Giveaway Winner!

(My lovely assistant did the honors of blindly selecting the comment number)

Because I like to celebrate my birthday for weeks and weeks, back in December I announced that I was doing a Birthday Book & Bag Giveaway. The winner would receive a copy of the hilarious & touching: Ketchup is a Vegetable, by Robin O’Bryant. …and the “Too much Whine. Not enough Wine.” tote bag from my store. Each entry […]

It’s Almost My Birthday. Who Wants A Present?

Yes, I know my photo isn't that great. But having a free bag big enough to take to the store and stock up on wine?  Very great.

My house is a biohazardous godforsaken mess of glitter, pine needles, bits of wrapping-papered tape, heaps of dirty laundry, crumpled electronic toy instruction manuals, sticky floors and the crumbs of a thousand relatives, everywhere. Even more than usual. Which can only mean two things: 1. Christmas is over. 2. It’s almost my birthday! I decided […]

My Boy


It is blurry and you can’t even see our faces, but this (rare) photo of me and Mr T is a perfect example of our relationship.  I grin each time I see it: He brings out the silly in me, makes me laugh and pick him up and wrestle and play games. He is a […]

Bunny Ugly

"Oh Maaaa-aaax..we better run like Hell in this direction.  I think Kim is on a rampage again."

Miss A is turning 4 years old soon. And I’m kinda fine with the fact that she doesn’t have a baby book. Because what would I write in it? That at age 4 her talents were: – farting on demand – manipulating people into doing her bidding – talking faster than The Disclaimer Dude at […]



We have always been very different people.  But I have always loved her, even when I didn’t understand her.  She has always loved me through the same. Seven months ago she called to tell me she had Peritoneal Cancer.  Lots of it. She took surgeries and chemo and trial drugs and losing hair and body […]

Goody Bags Are No Good


I know there are bigger issues in the world, like global financial woes, plate tectonics wrecking havoc on the earth’s crust, and American Idol’s season finale controversy, but there’s something burning my butt right now that I need to vent about. I hate – HATE – kids’ birthday party goody bags. Who started this trend?  […]