Oops I Gained 18 Pounds

Oops I Gained 18 pounds

Apparently when you spend a couple years sitting down while eating cheese during the day and vanilla bean ice cream with melted peanut butter on top at night, a bit of extra weight can kinda sneak up on you. It happens, people. And it was delicious. The good thing is that I’m normally not too [...]

Emojis for Parents

Emojis for Parents featured

Recently, a massive new batch of emojis was released on the social media world, but I can’t really find much emotive use for an acorn, eggplant, or cat face with hearts over its eyes. I pretty much never use anything more than a wink or the steaming pile of poop in daily correspondence. I’m guessing these [...]

Diagnosing a Kid Tummy Ache

What is this tummy ache by Kim Bongiorno @letmestart #kids

It’s the call every parent dreads: “Please come get your child. He/she is complaining of a stomach ache.” The thing is, every parent also knows that the sliding scale from seriousness to total bullshit is pretty vast when it comes to childhood claims of tummy troubles. I find there are usually only four diagnoses when my [...]