Suburbia: Just Add Coffee

Suburban Haiku #Giveaway on LetMeStartBySaying

Let’s cut to the chase: I’m giving stuff away that you want. 1. Strong coffee 2. A funny neighbor 3. An escape The delightfully talented Peyton Price of Suburban Haiku has released the cutest little hardcover book of the same name filled with quick quips about overzealous first-time parents, squirrel wars, PTA meetings, gossipy dads, [...]

They Showed Me Theirs

What the HELL, Mother Nature?!

I may have tricked some new friends of mine into trusting me.  They thought I was collecting photos from them for some mature, respectable blog post that helped promote the book we’re in. SUCKAAAAAAHS!!! Instead, I’d like to show you their pictures, and a few of mine. (Remember when I did this before? Twice?) So [...]