What I Found in His Notebook

What I Found in His Notebook by Kim Bongiorno of LetMeStartBySaying

A couple years ago, my kids and I took on the project of cleaning my then 8-year-old son’s bedroom. You’d think it’d be a frustrating time of whining and dragging feet, but (shockingly) they both threw themselves into organizing, cleaning, and sorting while I assembled a new bookcase. When I was done and the bookcase was […]

How to Hide Mom Boobs

How to Hide Mom Boobs by @letmestart | funny stuff for moms

Eventually motherhood and Father Time catch up to us all, and we find ourselves looking at our Mom Boobs dangling down by our navels like late-season squash wondering, How, exactly, do I deal with these things? You don’t want to lop them off–they’ve been so good to you throughout the years! But drawing attention away […]

The Value of a Quarter

The Value of a Quarter at the Lemonade Stand by Kim Bongiorno

Summer break was barely a couple weeks along, but she had been begging for permission to run a lemonade stand since the bell rang on the last day of school. I agreed to Saturday afternoon, if it was sunny—not stifling—out. The day came and I followed through on my promise, despite not really being up for the labor, […]