Random Acts of Compliments

random acts of parent compliments by Kim Bongiorno

With a convertible and a megaphone, Blake Grigsby recently doled out “Drive By Compliments” to random people on the streets. He complimented clothes, hair, cute couples, coolness, all sorts of stuff. I liked it. I really did. The people who didn’t look totally defensive and suspicious appeared tickled pink at hearing something nice about themselves. What [...]

I Let My Kids Make the Rules

I asked my kids to help me out with something. I mean…what could possibly go wrong? Share your own rules for being a kid on Facebook with the hashtag #PopsicleRules. Want more? Subscribe to the blog. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This video was sponsored by Popsicle, but my kids really did make up those [...]

Must-Haves for Moms

Must-Haves for Moms by Kim Bongiorno on NickMom

Sure, fancy strollers, lightweight carseats, and eco-friendly toys are great to have, but I know what moms of babies and toddlers really need. Click here to see my list on NickMom: See all my NickMom posts in one spot for easier laughter. Like what you see? Subscribe to the blog & I’ll come to you! [...]

The WAHM and the Sick Kid

The WAHM and the Sick Kid by Kim Bongiorno

Remember when you were in your 20s and had that first job that allowed you to really get to know all the kinds of co-workers that exist in the world? You know who I mean: -       The one that is always maniacally chipper -       The one that complains about everything always -       The hypochondriac -       The one [...]