Does size really matter?

The Size of My Jeans by Kim Bongiorno @letmestart on @inthepowderroom

I thought I looked pretty damn good. Had my new jeans on, my favorite sweater, clean hair—even mascara! My comfortable-yet-cute shoes clicked on the blacktop as I escorted my kids to school. I felt ready to take on the day as I kissed my daughter, then my son, goodbye for the next seven hours. I [...]

I Was a Tweenage Model (Kind of)

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ALTERNATE TITLE: How to Re-Hash Broken Childhood Dreams and Pour Salt into Your Own (Aging) Wounds I peaked stupidly early. I was about 12 years old when a model scout approached me in a shopping mall.  Yes, that moment sparked a no-joke important change I needed more than I ever articulated to my friends, but it [...]