My Second Stitch Fix Experience

Stitch Fix Review Number Two by @letmestart | #stitchfix | WAHM style | women's fashion | summer style | clothes for tall women

Since my first Stitch Fix experience was so fun, I scheduled my second shipment right away—and it’s already here! If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s an online personal shopping service for people like me who OMG NEED HELP. You get 5 items at a time and have only a few days to decide what to keep […]

Quiet Pause

Quiet Pause by Kim Bongiorno about meeting with Ernie Banks

About a year and a half ago I found myself sitting at a table with Ernie Banks the day he got home from receiving The Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was a regular at my in-law’s pizza place in Chicago, but for some reason we kept missing each other during my family’s visits there. Until […]

Does size really matter?

The Size of My Jeans by Kim Bongiorno @letmestart on @inthepowderroom

I thought I looked pretty damn good. Had my new jeans on, my favorite sweater, clean hair—even mascara! My comfortable-yet-cute shoes clicked on the blacktop as I escorted my kids to school. I felt ready to take on the day as I kissed my daughter, then my son, goodbye for the next seven hours. I […]