Emojis for Parents

Emojis for Parents featured

Recently, a massive new batch of emojis was released on the social media world, but I can’t really find much emotive use for an acorn, eggplant, or cat face with hearts over its eyes. I pretty much never use anything more than a wink or the steaming pile of poop in daily correspondence. I’m guessing these [...]

A Few More House Rules

More House rules for kids by Kim Bongiorno LetMeStartBySaying

Many of you know I run a strict household. By that I mean I had to hang up a list of House Rules for kids a couple years ago to remind my offspring to not glue things directly to the walls, light people on fire (either pretend or for real), or play with knives. We worked on that [...]

Parenting Apps I Wish Existed

Parenting Apps by Kim Bongiorno

The main reason I have a smartphone is because it makes parenting easier. I communicate with my husband and my friends so much more efficiently. It’s like having my pediatrician, Google, and anything I’ve ever wanted to entertain my kids while I get stuff done in public all in one pocket-sized magical box. The thing is, [...]

I Let My Kids Make the Rules

I asked my kids to help me out with something. I mean…what could possibly go wrong? Share your own rules for being a kid on Facebook with the hashtag #PopsicleRules. Want more? Subscribe to the blog. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This video was sponsored by Popsicle, but my kids really did make up those [...]