Mom’s Big Life Questions

Moms Big Life Questions by Kim Bongiorno of LetMeStartBySaying

From the time we’re teenagers, we ponder the big questions in life, searching or hoping for answers. Philosophical contemplation is simply a part of human nature. Then we become parents, our questions change, and we’re pretty much just shouting our confusion into the vibrant abyss of endless dirty laundry. Here are some examples of how those questions we […]

Glitter, Defined

Glitter defined by Kim Bongiorno on LetMeStartBySaying

I work hard to avoid it as much as I can throughout the year. Then holidays, birthdays, and other gift-giving events happen, causing my home to become overrun with the stuff. My kids love it. I decidedly do not. If you need me, I’ll be vacuuming it up, wiping it up, picking it off the […]

54 Things To Do Before Having Kids


I don’t know whether you’ve ever heard this before, but parenthood changes a few things about your life. Not, like, everything. I mean, you’re still human beings who breathe and stuff after you have some offspring. But preeeetty much everything else changes—at least for a while. As a card-carrying member of the Yep, I Procreated […]

Call Me A Skeptic

Parenthood breeds skepticism by Kim Bongiorno

I was skeptical when I heard that today is International Skeptics Day. Isn’t EVERY day International Skeptics Day for parents? I mean, I spend most of my day saying things like this: Really, you weren’t the one who wrote on the wall? You, with the ink-covered hands? Are you sure you flushed the toilet? That gum in […]