I’m Standing Up…Are You?

I Stand Up for Nikki via Kim Bongiorno @letmestart

Today is World Cancer Day 2014. We’ve all been affected in one way or another, so I’m supporting Wendy Nielsen as she shares pictures of me and many others standing up for the ones we love, whether they won the fight, are still fighting, or fought until they could do so no more. My mom [...]

The Recovery Room

The Recovery Room by Ann Ormsby Review by Kim Bongiorno

I use Grammarly to check my grammar because sometimes I spell it “grammer” and I have the tendency to write long run-on sentences that use so much breath to read aloud I accidentally murder people who try to do so with my blog posts. (Sorry about that, dearly-departed readers.) If you told me last month I’d be [...]

The WAHM and the Sick Kid

The WAHM and the Sick Kid by Kim Bongiorno

Remember when you were in your 20s and had that first job that allowed you to really get to know all the kinds of co-workers that exist in the world? You know who I mean: -       The one that is always maniacally chipper -       The one that complains about everything always -       The hypochondriac -       The one [...]

A Contagious Bride

the wife cold by Kim Bongiorno on @inthepowderroom

Nothing is scarier to a man than his contagious wife. Sure, the mood swings of PMS and pregnancy will make a fella’s blood run cold, but he can’t physically catch any disease caused by an angry uterus. When a man’s wife is sick — truly, infectiously, in-need-of-tissues-and-medical-intervention ill — his mind is a battleground…CLICK HERE to continue reading [...]

What Makes You Beautiful

Thats What Makes You Beautiful by Kim Bongiorno @LetMeStart on @InThePowderRoom

Would you rather tell me what your most beautiful physical trait is, or eat a bag of mirror glass shards? Crunch crunch crunch. Yeah. Thought so. Women seem to have no problem spewing their distaste for their lumpy knees or boney shoulders. They fight their wavy hair into submission or plead with their hairdressers to [...]

How Do You Quiet the Noise?

Kim Bongiorno @LetMeStart on @InThePowderRoom Ride with me #mentalhealth #spin #exercise

We’re all busy. Our minds are, too. Sometimes it’s hard to quiet them down so we can prioritize, work out what’s bothering us, let the important stuff rise to the top. Today I’m on In The Powder Room, sharing a story about something specific that helps me quiet the noise in my head. Something I [...]