The Thing About Loss

The Thing About Loss by Kim Bongiorno

I find I have a much harder time dealing with a loved one’s loss than a loss of my own. When the loss is mine, I can own it, mourn it, weep, recover. When the loss—or greater loss—is that of someone I love, I can barely breathe due to the crushing longing to swallow her […]

The Moments That Stick

The BlogU14 Conference Moments That Stuck by Kim Bongiorno

This past week has been more of a sweeping experience than a calendar of days. Now that it’s over, I have these stills–like brain snapshots of certain moments–that float from my head to my heart and back again. I had been preparing for the very first BlogU Conference for, gosh, over a year now. Not only was I […]

Spreading the Love

20 ways to show your kids you love them by Stephanie Young @HealthyMomSteph

Today I have a little surprise for a friend. Want to help me make her day and yours a little better? Then keep reading. My friend Stephanie Young is someone you should know. She’s the kind of blogger that people tell their friends to read in the quiet moments. She is sweet, smart, insightful, funny, […]

What Makes You Beautiful

Thats What Makes You Beautiful by Kim Bongiorno @LetMeStart on @InThePowderRoom

Would you rather tell me what your most beautiful physical trait is, or eat a bag of mirror glass shards? Crunch crunch crunch. Yeah. Thought so. Women seem to have no problem spewing their distaste for their lumpy knees or boney shoulders. They fight their wavy hair into submission or plead with their hairdressers to […]