Music to My Ears

Music to My Ears a Story About Siblings by Kim Bongiorno

Siblings annoy the crap out of one another. That’s just how they roll. But sometimes they do it more than usual, and as a parent you start to wonder why your two favorite little people are so different from one another. Why they can’t just be each other’s automatic best friend. Our home has been [...]

How to Get Your Kids to Bed

How to get your kids to bed by Kim Bongiorno letmestart

1. Begin The Countdown to Bedtime warnings at 15 minute intervals at least 2 hours before you actually want them in bed. 2. Tell them10x each to use the toilet, wash their hands and faces, brush teeth, get PJs on. 3. Threaten to cancel/throw away something—anything—fun if they don’t get in the bathroom RIGHT NOW [...]