Toddler Nutrition

Toddler Nutrition by Kim Bongiorno on LetMeStartBySaying

We all know how important it is for our toddlers to eat a well-balanced diet full of healthy ingredients. It’s too bad they don’t give a crap about what we think is important. If my kids’ eating habits were anything to go by, most toddlers tend to lean towards meals of board book pages, snot, [...]

Crosswords for Kids

Crosswords for Kids by Kim Bongiorno on Let Me Start By Saying

I love games. Board games like Monopoly, kid games like Rush Hour, TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune, the People Magazine crossword puzzle…you know, stuff that challenges the brain without hurting it too much. Now that my kids are seven and (almost!) nine years old, we have board game smack-downs of epic proportions. We [...]