The Value of a Quarter

The Value of a Quarter at the Lemonade Stand by Kim Bongiorno

Summer break was barely a couple weeks along, but she had been begging for permission to run a lemonade stand since the bell rang on the last day of school. I agreed to Saturday afternoon, if it was sunny—not stifling—out. The day came and I followed through on my promise, despite not really being up for the labor, […]

Preventing Popsicle Toes

Preventing Popsicle Toes by Kim Bongiorno of Let Me Start By Saying

“Mama, I have some CRAZY news.” “Oh yeah? What’s that?” “I have a POPSICLE for a toe right now! There’s a hole in my boot!” “Can I please eat the Popsicle toe when we get home?” “NO! It’s my TOE! But you can buy me new boots tonight, right?” “Of course, baby girl. We can’t […]