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I am a media-friendly writer and this is an ad-friendly site, provided the opportunities align with the tone of Let Me Start By Saying.


If you would like to discuss topics that I cover on the blog or social media, please contact me though the form at the bottom of the page. I am comfortable in front of a camera and happy to be a part of interesting, intelligent, humorous dialogue. I’m also open to print opportunities as well.

My experience includes radio, recorded television, live TV, interviews, and web TV. See all of my media experience and where my work has been published HERE.


Who should advertise here or hire my services?
– Blogs looking for more readership
– Etsy shops
– Small businesses
– eBook authors/self-published authors
– Online communities that want to increase membership
– Charitable organizations
– Anyone looking for more exposure

My readers tend to be women, mostly parents, ages 25-44 years old. Between this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I have well over 40,000 regular followers I communicate with on a daily basis, particularly on Social Media.

I am an author, freelance writer, and the award-winning blogger behind Let Me Start By Saying. I have had over five-hundred articles published on over two dozen websites since 2012, have essays in five humor anthologies (two more coming soon), self-published a collection of short fiction, wrote a YA novel, was a social media manager for a women’s website, and have a background in major market sales and marketing. See more about where I’ve written and more HERE.

While I write all over the web and in book stores, social media is where most people find me. This is where your ads/sponsorships or Blog Buttons will be duly rewarded.

These are the 2 sizes I offer:

150x150 Ad Spot      300x150 Ad Spot

Ad Design Tips:
– If you do not already have an image the size of the Ad Spot that you want, you can easily create one on a free photo/image editing site like  Simply resize your image to the dimensions listed & adjust the design as desired.

– It helps to have your store/product/service/blog etc name in a clear, large font and a short tagline that makes readers want to click on your ad. If you need help with this, please let me know.

Here’s what my Advertisers had to say:

Kim’s consultation was one of the best investments I’ve made for my writing career. With so many ideas running through my mind and projects in motion, it was difficult to step back and formulate a plan. Her consultation and professional advice brought me clarity, management tools, and confidence to move forward. I highly recommend this service!
~ Alessandra Macaluso of PunkWife

Kim’s insight as to how to improve my blog is invaluable. She thought of things to add and re-organize that I never would have thought of. I’m excited to implement these changes and watch my blog continue to grow. And her social media sharing was fabulous!
~ Toni Hammer of Is It Bedtime Yet?

I thought I might generate a little traffic for my humor blog with an ad on Kim’s website.  What I didn’t realize is that she ALSO promotes my posts to her Facebook and Twitter followers every week – which has brought HUGE traffic to my site!  When I saw the results, I immediately offered to marry Kim and carry her babies.  Still waiting for her response – in the meantime, I’m still advertising with her!
~ Darcy Perdu of

Go for the Sweet Spot! Kim is a generous and creative promoter, and manages to make the process both easy and fun for her lucky sponsors. Kim’s intimate and honest rapport with readers lends true value to sponsor shout outs. As the car dealer always wants me to say: “Highly Satisfied.”
~ Peyton Price of

Let Me Start By Saying was the first blog I ever advertised on, and I’m so glad  I took the chance. Buying an ad spot on this blog was a great decision for me. It was easy, affordable, and has definitely brought more attention to my Etsy Store. Kim is always finding ways to get my store more attention on  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It was absolutely worth the investment!  Thank you, Kim!
~ Kelly of MyPrettyChicBoutique

As a newer blogger-having my ad on your page  helped me drive more new readers to my blog. And your weekly promotions were great too…
~ MaryAnne of

Placing an ad with Let Me Start By Saying was a very easy and reasonably priced!
~ Julie of Jag Candles 

I am always available by email if you would like to talk about other opportunities offline. Custom Ads are always an option. Fill in this form and it will ping me right away.

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