Can You Hear Me Now?

I have lost track of how many friends have told me I’d love podcasts. Listening to them, possibly even doing them.

Well, today I’m a believer.

D.J. Paris of Thoughts from Paris invited me to join him to add a podcast interview to his Bloggers are Weird series.

I had no idea how fun it would be!
I had no idea how many times I’d say “like” on air!

We discussed so many things, including:

  • Our favorite part of the book You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth
  • The latest on my YA novel
  • Something D.J. noticed at the Erma Bombeck conference (which we both attended)
  • A book pitch we both heard that left him laughing–and speechless
  • I read from my letter to my kids (who think their lives are really really hard)
  • Childhood in the 70s/80s versus now, from fun to manners, kid-parent relationships, and goody bags
  •  I read from my book, Part of My World: Short Stories, and talked a bit about the book, itself
  • How I get press coverage from online, cable, and network TV shows
  • How to go from wanting to be a paid writer to getting paid to write, both freelance and books
  • The story behind my YA novel–where the idea came from, how it changed the game for me
  • How I network with other writers and bloggers
  • How I made friends in an elevator that helped advance my writing career
  • Conferences, taking chances, how to achieve your writing goals, getting your name out there, and more

Ready to hear my first podcast? CLICK HERE.
Our conversation begins around the 3-minute mark.
And once you’re done, please tell me below which podcasts you like to listen to–I’d love to check them out!

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The Podcast with DJ Paris and Kim Bongiorno 2014

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