Parenting Apps I Wish Existed

The main reason I have a smartphone is because it makes parenting easier. I communicate with my husband and my friends so much more efficiently. It’s like having my pediatrician, Google, and anything I’ve ever wanted to entertain my kids while I get stuff done in public all in one pocket-sized magical box.

The thing is, I’ve searched the App Store for certain functions that I really need, but can’t find them anywhere.

Here are some of the parenting apps I wish I could get on my iPhone. What have you been looking for?

Parenting Apps by Kim Bongiorno

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Parenting Apps I Wish Existed for My iPhone by Kim Bongiorno | funny stuff for parents

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    I’d like a “bath tracker”. This would tell me if my kiddo REALLY needs a bath or if I can wait another day….just scan a pic and it will decide if your kid is just “somewhat dirty” or “offensively filthy”.
    Also, a mood predictor that would give me a scale of 1-5 glasses of wine based on what my kids mood was going to be for the day….
    That way I could sit back with my indicated #of glasses of wine while my kids run around not taking a bath. Works for me.
    My Special Kind of crazy recently posted..One Proud MommaMy Profile

  2. says

    I’m from that Pokemon era and it still doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s complete rubbish – I was never into anime like that, my friends were and it was foreign to me their reasoning why. My son is 7 and verbally coherent, I still don’t understand half of what he talks to me about since it’s game related – I’m not hip to his games. :) Have a great day Kim! -Iva

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