8 Things That Make My Kids Laugh Every Time

We laugh a lot in our house.

Mostly because my kids are insane, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

Seriously: THEY ARE INSANE. Send help. Please?

They can be cranky or sad or mid-brawl over who got to be Player One on Wii last time, but if any of the following occur, they will immediately start laughing.

First comes the giggle.

Then the belly laugh, during which they fall over, usually on top of one another or somehow onto my neck.

Then, eventually, the screams that they are going to pee their pants.

It’s a good time.

Laughing Kids by @LetMeStart

1. The word “toilet,” for any reason. Particularly hilarious when used in song, or when substituted in a common catch-phrase, such as “Let’s rock and TOILET! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

2. The back of the Cheez-It box. My kids get into a passionate debate over which is funnier: the moustached cheese or the one with a binky. Thoughts?

Cheez-It Box on @LetMeStart

3. Burps. (Obviously)

4. Farts. (Duh)

5. Butts. The word “butt.” Anything that even remotely resembles a butt.

6. Those TV commercials with the little screaming pink pig on a skateboard/zipline, talking M&Ms, or Marvin Marvin slapping himself in the face.

7. Knock-knock jokes. Especially the awful nonsensical ones they make up with random words in them and say over and over again until I want to bang my head against a wall to make the sound stop.

Knock knock jokes by @LetMeStart

8. Spongebob Squarepants. Well, actually Patrick Star. That dude (crustacean? echinoderm?) is a bag of doofusy amusement.

What makes your kids laugh every time?

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  1. says

    Me intentionally mispronouncing words like uh phone instead of iphone or tuhtooz instead of tattoos. I have like 50 words I do this with and they laugh every time.

    the word butt gets them too…and they’re girls

    me imitating their mother…which is spot on…heavy southern accent and awlllll

    me imitating them. I can prevent a tantrum or a teenager meltdown by doing one of my own
    Lance recently posted..Anna BeginsMy Profile

  2. Andrada says

    My kids definitely love any kind of potty humor. We also love SpongeBob & Phineas & Ferb. Animimaniacs is our new fav old school cartoon! Any time I use any kind of comical voice they love it too.

  3. Anne says

    My little one loves Sweet Brown of “Ain’t nobody got time for dat” fame and other similarly poorly made commercials like the earvac when the guy sticks a Qtip in his ear and yells OUCH! My other son finds these eternally grating and annoying. Common ground…yeah…farts.

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