Dating My Husband

The babysitter was lined up.
The friends gave restaurant suggestions.
I had already put on mascara.
The hour was near.
My husband wanted me to meet him in NYC for dinner to celebrate my birthday…

Want to know what happened next? Read the Switching Up Date Night with My Husband on Huffington Post Parents.

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  1. Devan says

    Kim, I cant get HuffPo to remind me of my password…but here is the reply I wrote to that douche questioning your marriage, June something:
    I think this comment is just rude! They went on a nice date night doing something they love together. If you need glitz, glamour and expense to “make” your date, that can also be a bad sign. Just eachothers company for some tired parents still “doing it” for eachother, I think is a win.
    Additionally, I am pretty sure she said she initiated the date downgrade.
    And mostly, I didnt see any parts where she was asking for a big fat giant dose of “let me tell you about your problems eventhough I dont even KNOW you!”!!! I am sure if she feels like she has marriage trouble she will come and consult you because you are obviously an expert….
    This comment does not sit well with me, and I would doubt it does with Kim either.

  2. says

    I don’t want to comment over there… gosh some of those replies were mean spirited. I totally get this. There have been plenty of times that the thought of going out at all on a special night was just too tiring. Sometimes we pull it together and go out, and it’s wonderful and we’re glad we did it. But sometimes we just stay in and snuggle up with a movie and it’s wonderful, too.
    Robin Jingjit recently posted..Henry Huggins, 2013 remixMy Profile

    • says

      I think it’s about recognizing how wonderful what right in front of you is, instead of thinking something “bigger” will be better.
      Thanks for coming over here – I agree. Some of the commenters over there were just no grasping the concept at all.

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