Who Was Right? My 3 Truths & A Lie Answers

A week ago, I participated in 3 Truths & A Lie.

The people who guessed correctly are:

Lance, Kathryn & Hollow Tree Ventures

Well done, friends!

And here’s the rest of the story…

TRUTH: My brother once accidentally knocked me unconscious with a lead pipe when we were little kids, and I have no recollection of it.
A few years ago, my siblings and I were sitting around my Mom’s dining room table, and one of them said something along the lines of “…like that time Kim got knocked out by the pipe?”  I asked what they were talking about, and my oldest brother burst out laughing, saying “OF COURSE she doesn’t know what we’re talking about, SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Then they all laaaaaughed and laaaaaaauuughed….

Um, yeah. Hilarious.  Details, please.

In short, when I was about 5yo & my brother was 7yo, we were playing by ourselves in the woods behind my house (Hello, early 1980s childcare standards!). Seems he found a lead pipe, picked it up, swung it around to show me, hitting me in the head so hard he knocked me out. Thinking he killed me, he dragged me through the woods, back to the house, and apologized to my parents for killing me. Lo and Behold, I came back around.

And no, this type of story is not an anomaly. This was my childhood. It was…interesting.

And no, it isn’t out of character for my entire family to whoop it up at the memory of me being knocked out with a lead pipe and presumed dead.  They are weird.

LIE: I danced with James Gandolfini at a family wedding.
Another Sopranos actor is a friend of the family, and he was at a wedding we attended, but I was violently ill at the wedding and didn’t dance at all.  Not even with Husband.  But? The actor who was there is actually an incredible dancer. Dude’s got some moves.
As for me? I ended up in the hospital the next day, I was so sick. But at least I had a fabulous teal satin backless gown on the night before, so I knew I looked fantastic during my last day standing that week.

TRUTH: I was a Stepford Wife.
Yep, I was an aspiring actress when I first moved out to NYC. My first background work job was as a Stepford Wife in the 2004 Nicole Kidman movie. It was ridiculously fun.  My costume, wig, and accouterments were simply delightful.  I kind of want to dress like a Stepford Wife every day.  Seriously.

Oh Nicole, I love that I have someone as pale as me as famous as you.

TRUTH: Mike Piazza, the baseball player, once hit on me in the Las Vegas airport right in front of my husband.
He was wearing a purple leather jacket. He came up to me, interrupted me reading a book, tried to make his move, and all I could think was “Really? PURPLE LEATHER??” I blew him off, and he went back behind the privacy screen they have for celebs there.  Husband came over and was all “MIKE PIAZZA JUST HIT ON YOU!” and I was all “Shhhh….I’m reading.  And who the eff wears PURPLE LEATHER??”

Hey, YOU. Put the book down, I'm trying to be suave in my purple leather jacket.

Thanks for playing!
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    If I had remembered to comment on your last post, I still would have been wrong, because I misread the last one to be: “Mike Piazza, the baseball player, once hit me”. And I was all like, “No way! He would totally have been arrested or something!” I’m glad to find that I was wrong.
    Kathy V. recently posted..Insert Inappropriate Nazi Joke HereMy Profile

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