Mom Translations

For those of you who could relate to Allow Me to Translate, which lists some Mom/Kid communication clarifications such as…

If I am ignoring you?  I am trying not to yell at you.”

…then I think you’ll enjoy Mom Translations.

Click the image below to read more, then tell me:  What are some of your Mom Translations?

Mom Translations: By Kim B. at Let Me Start By Saying Blog

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  1. says

    How about:
    “No darling you can’t have Mummy’s juice”
    “I’m not quite ready to give my 3 year old wine.”

  2. says

    Oh Lordy, these are all fantastic. I can relate to every single one, but of course the last one with the chocolate/poop is my favorite. Please promise me you won’t publish this into a coffee table book because if our kids get a hold of this translator we’re in big trouble.
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