The Nana Chronicles, International Edition (Part 3)

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The Nana Chronicles, International Edition

My family of four is visiting my Mother-in-Law, who lives in a different country.  Since it’s a long trip to get here, we’ll be staying a while at my MIL’s house. When she comes to visit us in America for a long stretch, it’s hard. Real hard.  And now we’re on her turf for the same length of time. I can’t write about it on my own blog because I can’t risk the wrong person seeing it. So I write here, anonymously, because keeping this stuff in would surely be bad for my health.

These are the Nana Chronicles. In these chronicles, my almost 5-year-old son will be referred to as DS (dear son), my 2-year-old daughter as DD (dear daughter), and my husband as DH (dear husband).

A Quick Sanity Check…Yep, Still Going Crazy

1) Having pizza the other night. Nana picks off the toppings she doesn’t like off of her slice and reaches over and puts them on mine. WTF?

2) Despite our using our rented van on a daily basis, Nana has still not figured out how to move her seat forward and back to allow the kids into their seats in the back row. So, I basically have 3 people to arrange in their seats before we go anywhere.

3) I walked into the kitchen at our rented house last night to see Nana wiping the floor with the dish sponge, and then return to the task of cleaning the dishes with it.

4) My kids have now officially spent enough time with Nana to include her in their inner circle of people they treat like shit. Welcome, Nana, you are one of the few chosen ones! This means you can expect sass, rolled eyes, disobedience, stomped feet, screaming and general ass-holery. Congrats!

I’m still medicating with Xanax by day and wine by night.

In other news, the weather has been lovely!  :)

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  1. says

    Lol, #1- wtf? Who does that?
    #3- omg ewwwww! No! Just no!
    #4 – Isn’t it great when you stop having to feel like people think you’re lying about the fact that your kids are jerks? :) welcome to the club, Nana.

    I’m glad I found this post, I’ve been missing your updates, “guest blogger” 😉

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