5 Things That Cheered Me Up On A Super Bad Day

I got some great advice after yesterday’s curse-filled ranting post about being really frustrated.

I was having a bad day. I needed some stress relief.  I needed to kill off some of my frustrations before my brain imploded.

So I took that advice.

And here are the 5 things I did to cheer myself up:

1. I wrote a short fictional piece about sex for The Red Dress Club’s writing prompt, solely because it amused me to do so.  I’ve never done this before (<– once you read the post, you can interpret that sentence in many disturbing ways).  Please read my sex post and let me know what you think.  I am already laughing at how horrified you must be at that request.

2. I bought myself stuff while the kids were at camp.  You know, since laundry will eventually fold itself and money grows on trees.  Luckily, Marshalls is perfectly stocked for when angry woe-is-me women cross their threshold.

Who needed glass owls for her office? Me, obviously. Who? Cut it out.

I'm hoping the fresh, cleansing smell & rough little scrubby bits will wash this shitty day away.

Sticks that stink up a room like lavender? How can this possibly not calm me down? That is, unless I spill the oil on the rug. Which, of course, I'd never do HA HA HA.

Nothing is more practical on a hot August day in New Jersey than buying a thick wooly sweater.

2. I ate a very large portion of the coffee cake I had made for the neighbor then dropped into pieces then forgot to bring to her house.  I even warmed it up.  Maybe all my stupidity/clumsiness was meant to be?

3. I had my kids rest after camp.  By “rest” I mean Separate And Leave Me Alone.  Miss A laid on the family room couch watching one movie.  Mr T was on the basement couch watching another.  I was in my office.  No speaking, please and thank you.

4. Late afternoon, we went to the playground to see my friends let my kids play with their friends.  I was calmer by then, and the kids were threatened well played well.  We all got our sunshine fix, we all got our friend fix, everyone went home happier.

5. I said “No!” to this:

You can see the dirty dishes, counter, stove. You can't see the messy kitchen table, floor, family room.

Instead of cleaning, I showered & pajama-ed right after putting the kids to bed, sat down on my own bed to catch up on some Words With Friends & Scrabble games on my iPad, which led to me passing out in my robe with an iPad on my belly around 9pm.  Sleep is awesome.

So now it is a new day.  I am in a better mood.

I feel better just knowing that I can bang out a pissed-off, curse-laden post and it will bring me sound advice, offers of shoulders to lean on, and the kind words of people who tell me that even in my worst times, I am not alone.

Isn’t that all we ever really need?

Well, that and some cute glass owls.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    • says

      i did not give the nice weather the finger at all today, and kept the bitching/cursing to a bare minimum. Stellar day, especially compared to yesterday.
      That Marshall’s trip? Man, I needed that.

  1. says

    I have abandoned more games of Words with Friends than I care to admit to. I didn’t read the comments on your cursing post but I’m guessing your rad readers left heaps of love there, which you deserve, and that post was totally warranted. Especially because you mentioned taking a shit. I don’t know what I’d do with two kids for eleven days by myself — I shudder to think of it. But for now your mood is lifted, you’ve got some time left, and after those eleven days you’ve got a new, (better?) routine with time to write, right?

    • says

      After that ghastly period of time during which I have no camp and no babysitter (on vacation, the jerk), I will have a week of camp and then only a couple more weeks to manage until THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR begins. I wanted to be done with the book and querying it once school began, but Summer isn’t really condusive to the creation of chunks of childless time. At least, not my summer.
      But I press on….

  2. says

    I swear Marshalls is stocked with things one really doesn’t need, until they see it. That sweater however will defintely come in handy in a few months. The way winter has been hitting NJ the past few years, I consider that a worthwhile purchase.

    • says

      They are quite clever over there, stocking all sorts of things that make me happy when i’m feeling postal.
      And if this winter is anything like last winter? I’m gonna get all The Shining on Al Roker’s ass.

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