I don’t know that I say Thank You enough.  But I am one truly appreciative person.

I am thankful to know what I want in life, even if it’s taking me a while to get there.

I am thankful for my children, who I ache with love for despite their attempts to drive me to drink.

I am thankful for my supportive, handsome husband, even if he leaves dirty socks between couch cushions.

I am thankful for every one of my friends, who offer help, advice, share themselves, make me laugh, send me recipes, believe in my writing goals, and brighten my life with their mere presence.

I am thankful for the freshly sprouted soft, silvery hairs, that remind me of the down on newly hatched chicks, matted beneath my mom’s wig, evidence that she is a Cancer-beating SuperMom.

I am thankful that I could laugh so hard I was crying at the dinner table this weekend with my Mom, my kids, two of my brothers, and one of their girlfriends; something possibly only after an 8-month-long silent treatment between two of us spontaneously dissipated that day in the face of patience and understanding.

I am thankful to have the love of reading and ability to learn a lesson from everything my eyes pass over, and for the book I read last week that helped me understand my siblings a little better.

I am thankful that so far every blood test, ultrasound, mammogram, poke, peek, prod and swab I’ve had so far has proven that I am one healthy girl who gets to bask a little bit longer in all she has to be thankful for.

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